3D printing technology in the new Boeing capsule

November 3, 2016
in Blog

Boeing has announced the use of its CST-100 Starliner, a 3D printing technology in its space capsule. To this end, he intends to use the help of specialists on such solutions.

We recently learned that the CST-100 Starliner, the latest Boeing capsule to deliver astronauts to the ISS, will fly its flight no earlier than the end of next year. So engineers have plenty of time to refine their design and intend to use 3D printing technology in it.

As reported by the media, Boeing hired Oxford Performance Materials specialists to design and produce more than 600 new 3D capsules on 3D printers. They are made of special plastic called PEKK, which is a material that withstands heavy loads and extreme temperatures, so it is very suitable for space flight.

Thanks to the use of 3D printing technology, Boeing will not only reduce the weight of components, but will also reduce the cost of manufacturing, compared to traditional materials used up to now. PEKK is as strong as aluminum but weighs 60 percent. Less and is resistant to fire and radiation and it can withstand temperatures ranging from -195 to 149 degrees Celsius. The material will be used for the mounting of the drive and components of the air purification system.

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