A costume that will help in the treatment of epilepsy

February 26, 2017
in Blog

Bioserenity, along with British and French organizations dealing with epilepsy, has created a special costume that allows the patient to be monitored and, therefore, much better diagnosed, which translates into more effective treatment.

Epilepsy is a disease that not only significantly lowers the comfort of the sufferers, but can also pose a serious threat to their lives. Usually, diagnosis and treatment are carried out using a special diagnostic system, which requires hospitalization. Unfortunately, the low availability of such systems makes most seizures unregistered, leading to less effective diagnosis and lack of proper treatment.

To prevent this, Bioserenity has developed a special smart suit called WEMU, which works with the smartphone app, allowing the patient to be monitored while making the right diagnosis. The system consists of an intelligent sweatshirt and a cap with a range of battery-powered sensors that monitor pulse, muscle contraction frequency and brain activity.

Data collected by sensors is then transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone where a special application handles them. Data can also be uploaded to the cloud, allowing the doctor to remotely evaluate and determine the correct treatment.

The developers of the system are currently collecting money through the Indiegogo -a-revolution-in-epilepsy-monitoring-and-diagnosis platform, which will allow them to begin mass production of WEMU. They hope that they will soon be able to raise the required amount because their technology can be extremely useful in treating epilepsy.

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