A thousand years sentence in eight hours

November 7, 2016
in Blog

Penal codes cause the prisoner to overflow and new accusers simply have no place to serve their punishment. Instead of building new jails, researchers are working on a much more interesting way of doing penance.

Rebecca Roache believes that thanks to the latest biotech achievements, one can fool the condemned mind into believing that it will serve a 1000-year sentence, while the real thing will last for just eight hours.

In an interview with Aeon magazine, Dr. Roache claims that, with appropriate drugs, the minds of prisoners could be disturbed by their passage of time. Then they would think that it flows much slower than in reality.

Another of the ideas of the professor is to connect the human mind to a computer that would significantly speed up its performance. Accelerating this process for example a million times, you could make the 1000 year sentence of the offender sit in just 8.5 hours.

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