Delta streamlines the luggage tracking system

February 5, 2017
in Blog

Delta Airlines, are expanding their passenger baggage tracking system. The system uses RIFD tags to provide much more accurate information about the current position of our suitcases.

By going on a plane trip, we are never sure our luggage will not visit the world to a greater extent than we are. Airlines often lose it very often. What for the passenger of course is very cumbersome, because on the spot turns out that he was just in what he is wearing. Carriers are striving to introduce solutions that minimize the risk of lost baggage, and some of the more interesting ones offer their passengers Delta lines.

At the beginning of the year, Delta introduced RFID tags to track luggage position. Now the system has been improved and enhanced with the ability to track it more accurately, using the map. The carrier ensures that all local airports, as well as the 84 largest foreign ports flying its aircraft, will be equipped with new technology.

Thanks to this, passengers using the Fly Delta mobile application will be able to better track their baggage on the map. This is possible thanks to special scanners located at many places in the terminal that read RFID tags placed on bags and cases. Although the passenger does not see the exact location of the luggage, but can see through which the gate has already passed, along with the recorded scan time on each of them.

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