Microsoft Office threatened? Google Docs attacks

April 19, 2017
in Blog

Over the years, the Microsoft Office suite has practically no competition, and the US giant has counted millions more out of its sales without bringing in virtually no innovation. However, something has changed recently.

You’ve probably noticed that for years Office has been available in almost the same way and sold in the same way. However, some time ago Microsoft’s strategy changed a lot, and the Redmond giant not only offered his office package on the Web, but also created a variant available in the cloud.

What made Microsoft finally take care of customers? Google Offensive and its Google Docs, launched in 2006. Initially it was available in the cloud, and was not particularly popular, mainly due to poor compatibility with the Office format, but the company has continually improved it and over the years has made Google Docs very useful, posing a real threat to the office environment. Microsoft package.

There are a few tools missing, but its simplicity and functionality, for many, is an undeniable advantage, not to mention that you do not have to pay for anything.

Yes, Office continues to rule when it comes to office software available in traditional form and in 2012 it had 90 percent market share. The situation in the case of software based on the cloud is quite different. It is estimated that over the next decade, 600 million people will benefit from this type of service.

Already a fairly large group of PC users are using the services offered by Google. So far, 120 million accounts use Google Drive and 5 million businesses and institutions use the Google Apps platform.

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This is a result that can not match with Microsoft at present, but in a few years the situation may change. All the more so because small businesses and technological start-ups are more eager to use the software offered by the online giant because of the cost of doing business, and Office 365 is spending $ 100 a year. Not much, but for a small business counts every penny, and Google software is after all free.