The new version of the macros will improve energy efficiency

February 19, 2017
in Blog

The latest beta of the macOS system has been added to help save battery power. The user will be warned when the screen brightness is set to a certain level.

On laptops powered by rechargeable batteries, the energy consumption of the equipment is crucial for the length of its operation. In the meantime, many elements are affected, such as the brightness of the display, which, at higher values, will draw much more current.

Apple has ensured that the MacBook user can control the power consumption of the computer display. In the fourth beta release of MacOS 10.12.3, a new feature has been released, which enables it. This option warns the user if the screen backlight is set above 75 percent.

When you get this warning, you only need to click on the message box and the display brightness will automatically be reduced to 75%, which should help to save energy.

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