The Vatican will digitize thousands of precious manuscripts

November 1, 2016
in Blog

Paper is a very unreliable medium of the written word that is slowly degrading and then losing its structural integrity over time, scattering into dust. However, there are methods to preserve ancient writings and books, and it is digitization. This is the method the Vatican intends to use to save thousands of rare manuscripts from destruction.

The Vatican over the years has been quite conservative when it comes to the use of modern technology, but lately the seat of the Catholic Church has begun to change its approach. Especially, technology is what will save the ancient books, manscripts and documents stored in the library, the world’s largest repository of our history and ancient cultures from destruction.

NASA’s FITS format will be used to digitize specifically for the storage and viewing of scientific documents. It not only allows you to create very large files but also allows you to enter a large amount of metadata associated with a document.

Digitization has been going on for some time, and with a small fraction of documents transferred to the digital form can be found on?Ling = eng & res = 1920×1080 official Vatican site and library, where already several documents are already in place. By 2018 there will be an additional 3000 manuscripts (another 75,000 will be decapitated in 15 years), which will be further adapted to search for specific sentences.

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